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Special Amber Teething Necklace for Young Boys

Amber beads have shining importance in beauty industry, which is mainly under women control. The beauty products and jewelry of ladies have countless branches; amber is one of the most popular ones. The modern, shining, crystal and beautiful amber beads are used to produce common female ornaments such as bracelets, bangles, necklace and rings.

In all forms, amber beads have pleasing look and are love by women everywhere under the sun. Now the question surfaces, amber beads, which are a part of woman beauty, can be use for young boys or not!

To answer the question, let us travel back to historic tribes and their culture. Ancient Baltic clans had great value for amber beads. They used it as a symbol of modesty and gentleness, especially, for men. The gentlemen with modest tribes had them on their hoods and coats in the form of brooches.

Healing-Amber-Baby2They also used them as gentlemen ornaments. The average class of that time also loved amber beads. They could not afford brooches, but still used amber beads as shirt buttons and ordinary cloth decoration.

All kinds of tribes used refined amber teething necklace as baby decoration as well. So, exploring the past, we found that anciently, these amber beads were immensely used by tribes and families.

To return in the past, amber beads are sold in the form of Baltic amber teething necklace on the internet and on offline stores in all parts of the world. They are present in form of beauty ornaments for both male and female.

Especially, Baltic amber necklace is present in a huge range of styles, color combinations and sizes. They are available for babies in hugest range. Both baby boys and baby girls look amazingly cute wearing these bands.

To talk about especially young boys, teething necklace Baltic amber is there online in wonderfully wide variety. They are perfect ornament to decorate your baby as well as they have healing power. If your baby has started his teething phase, he must be suffering from hurting pain and continuous restless condition.

Placing a Baltic amber teething necklace around the boy’s neck can highly calm him down. It is due to natural health property of amber bead which has always been providing value. They soak up skin warmth of the baby boy and grant calm and comfort in return. Apart from all this healing effect, it is cute option for young boys.

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Does A Degree Matter In The Reputation Of A Dentist

Does A Degree Matter In The Reputation Of A Dentist?

Education doesn’t only give you awareness and knowledge but also teaches about making right decisions. A degree or certification definitely plays an important role to build your reputation in any field. According to many people, degree from a renowned institution affects your upcoming professional life.

You can even get desired job if you’ve degree of a renowned institution. On the other hand, some people think quite oppositely. They think that experience and personal skills makes you able to make a good reputation and to get place in any renowned firm. According to the famous dentists in coral gables, degree of a well-known institution definitely matters to make a good reputation.

Visit a dentist on basis of their institution’s name:

In the dental clinic or a hospital, you mostly see the name of a doctor/dentist with their qualification details and name of institution inside brackets. It definitely leaves an impression on the minds of the patients. Any dentist in coral gables who’ve studied from a renowned institution definitely gets much preference over other dentists. Therefore, many students want to become a part of top coral gables dentistry institutions for a desired future in this field.

Different views of some people:

According to many people, an institution’s name only matters when you don’t have any prior hands-on experience. A graduated dentist (not from a famous institution) with an enough work experience is highly preferred by the recruiters than an only graduate (from a renowned institution) with no experience. It is a fact that previous work experience attracts recruiters as compared to the name of institution. However, it becomes an icing on the cake if you take degree from a renowned college and also gain hands-on work experience. There are numerous famous dentists in coral gables who’ve studied not from any renowned institution but their intelligence, skills and hard work have provided success to them.

Does dentistry degree matters for the professional reputation in coral gables?

Every dentist in coral gables haven’t got graduation or post-doctoral degree in dentistry from the renowned institutions. Therefore, it shows that the only name of an institution doesn’t matter in coral gables. If you are interested to start your career as a dentist in this city, you don’t need to feel hesitate with the problem of preferring institution’s name over the skills and work experience. You can seek admission in any of the dentistry school or institution without this hesitation in coral gables.


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Transient Global Amnesia

Transient Global Amnesia Or TGA

TGA or Transient Global Amnesia is a neurological condition characterized by a total disruption of the short-term memory. Luckily the symptoms are only temporary. The condition is usually triggered by certain neurological conditions such as stroke or epilepsy.

People affected by TGA people simply can’t remember recent events and many times they will keep asking the same question because they can’t recall the answer. Actually they won’t remember anything that happened in there. They won’t remember how they got there or where are they.

Also people will be unable to remember what happened even a year ago. People will still be able to remember who they are and they might recognize people they know.

The good thing is the condition is really rare, harmless and it’s not very likely to occur again. After the short episodes are gone the people will recover completely and everything will be just fine.

Diagnosis and Symptoms

The most specific symptom of TGA is the inability to recall the recent past or form new memories. When this symptom was identified the doctor will look for other possible causes of amnesia.

Other important symptoms might include:

  • Sudden memory loss, confirmed by an witness
  • Normal abilities to recognize familiar people and objects as well as the ability to understand and follow directions
  • The ability to remember personal identity despite amnesia
  • Absence of signs that might indicate any kind of brain damage

Usually the episodes won’t last longer than 24 hours and the memory will return gradually. Repetitive questioning is a distinctive signature for this condition.

In case you notice who suddenly drifts to confusion and amnesia from normal awareness, find a doctor or an ambulance. The condition itself is not that dangerous but it is hard to determine if it is just TGA or other life-threatening illness that might cause memory loss as well.


So far the exact causes are not known yet. It seems there’s a link between TGA and a history of migraines. Other events that were commonly reported to occur before a TGA episode and that which might trigger it are:

  • Sexual intercourse
  • Mild head trauma
  • Sudden immersion in very hot or very cold water
  • Exhausting physical activity
  • Severe emotional distress

The most common risk factors are age and history of migraines. People who have migraines are at a higher risk of TGA as wells as people aged 50 or older.

The incidence is reported at 2.9 in 100,000 people in Spain and 5.2 in 100,000 people in the US. Among people aged 50 or older the incidence is about 23 in 100,000 in the US and 32 in 100,000 in Scandinavia.

The people aged 56 to 75 are the most likely to experience TGA.

TGA does not affect morbidity or mortality and the prognosis is very good.

The condition does not require any treatment. After a case of TGA the patient, friends and relatives are very distressed and might need reassurance that everything will be just fine.

More studies and research are necessary for the understanding of this condition. Currently neurocognitive and imaging tests are conducted to find out if the TGA is as benign as they thought it is.

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Bulimia Nervosa Causes and Dangers

The exact causes of bulimia nervosa are not clearly identified yet but specialist think of a few possible causes and according to them it’s most probably a combination of factors. Anyway, the pattern varies from person to person and the relation between the factors that lead to bulimia seems to be very complex.

Causes of Bulimia Nervosa

Media and Social Standards:

As people with bulimia are preoccupied with their appearance and body weight, media is blamed very often for portraying the extreme slimness as the ideal of beauty. And most often it’s not just the media. It’s a social standard and especially in boys bulimia nervosa might develop after the boys are bullied for being overweight.

Also many times bulimia nervosa might start with a restrictive diet, just like binge eating disorder. And people might get into a restrictive diet when they want to look better and be slimmer an thinner.


Studies suggest that it is 4 times more likely to develop bulimia nervosa if you have a close relative with this eating disorder. Therefore a genetic factor might be related to the development of bulimia nervosa.

Emotional and Psychological Factors:

Psychological problems that might be involved in developing bulimia nervosa include anxiety disorders, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), personality disorder or PTSD.

Bulimia nervosa was also linked with depression as many people might try to find relief in binge eating. Then the people try to compensate by purging and the vicious cycles develops.

Low self-esteem has also been linked with bulimia nervosa. People with bulimia often think that losing weight will help them cope with the lower opinion of themselves.

Stressful events such as leaving home, getting married, divorce or other life-changing events might also trigger bulimia nervosa.


The time of puberty is a difficult period and many young people become more aware of their body. And if they feel they have nothing to say, teenagers might resort to bulimia.


Studies regarding the prevalence of bulimia nervosa proved to be inconsistent as many of them focused on hospital patients, university or high-school students.

But it seems people from cities and developed countries are affected most often. Women are much more likely to develop bulimia nervosa than men. About 90% of the people with bulimia nervosa are women.

Bulimia nervosa affects around 1-3% of the women aged 16-40 years. The recent statistics show a significant increase in the last years.

Some time ago it was thought that Caucasian girls are most likely to be diagnosed with bulimia nervosa but recent studies proved that Afro-American girls are 50% more likely to develop bulimia nervosa than white girls.

Also it seem girls who are involved in certain specific activities such as cheerleading, modelling, diving, figure skating, swimming, gymnastics, dance or other activities where a slim physique is idealized are more likely to develop bulimia nervosa.

Bulimia Nervosa in Men

Most often bulimia develops in women but a small percent of people affected are men. Most often men develop bulimia nervosa due to specific preoccupations such as dancing, athletics, bodybuilding or horseracing.

Another reason why boys might develop bulimia nervosa is because they might be bullied for being overweight.


The compensatory behavior has very dangerous effects. The frequent vomiting might lead to rupture of the esophagus. Dental health might be affected by the frequent vomiting and tooth staining and decay are common among people with bulimia nervosa.

Rupture of the esophagus or inflammation is possible due the same vomiting habits.

Because of frequent binge eating episode people with bulimia nervosa might suffer from gastric ruptures.


Other consequences of the habits associated with bulimia nervosa include:

  • dehydration
  • constipation
  • infertility
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • osteoporosis
  • rectal bleeding
  • tremor
  • fainting spells
  • weakness
  • infertility
  • diarrhea
  • stomach ulcers
  • dental erosions
  • cardiac arrest
  • death
  • infections of the urinary tract
  • dry mouth
  • cracked lips
  • kidney failure
  • depression and anxiety
  • alcohol and/or drugs abuse
  • rectal prolapse

When fingers or other objects are used to trigger the gag-reflex lacerations of the lining of the throat and the mouth are common. Another sign of self-induced vomiting might be puffy chipmunk cheeks.

People with eating disorder should seek the specialist help of a trained specialist such as a nutritionist, psychiatrist or other mental health specialist as soon as possible as symptoms might get worse in time.

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